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Being diagnosed with a life limiting illness makes life uncertain. Maybe it causes us to question things that we previously took for granted. Perhaps it makes us fearful about the future. The main work of Chaplains is to be present, to come alongside patients, family and friends and to offer support; to offer a listening ear to questions and fears; to offer an opportunity to explore feelings about the reality of living with an illness or any concerns approaching the end of life. Chaplains also support anyone on their bereavement journey individually or as part of the Bereavement Support Programme.

We also offer more specific spiritual help through prayer, reading of Scripture and religious services. At all times we respect the right of individuals not to avail of chaplaincy and so only visit patients by his or her request.

The Chaplaincy team has three chaplains drawn from different Christian traditions and visits patients from all denominations, religions and none. If the patient has a local church connection, the chaplain will offer to contact his or her clergy, informing them of the patient’s admission.

Hospice Chapel Opening Times and Services:

The Hospice Chapel located on the ground floor is open from 7am to 9pm daily.

A 'Time of Prayer and Reflection' is held in the Hospice Chapel each Monday and Thursday at 11am, and also each Sunday at 3pm.

A Celebration of Mass is at 11am each Tuesday and Wednesday.


Intentions and Thanksgivings

You may record your Intentions and Thanksgivings in the book which is placed in the Hospice Chapel and they will be prayed for daily.

For further information contact the Hospice Chaplaincy Department on Tel: (028) 3026 7711 ext. 213













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