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Dr & Mrs G Donaldson

The Donaldson Centre is fittingly named after the late Dr Gerald Donaldson, who gave years of dedicated service to the Hospice but unfortunately died in January 2010.

Following his retirement from a local GP practice in Newry Dr Gerald Donaldson was appointed Assistant Medical Director of the Southern Area Hospice in 1990. He served in this position until his retirement June 2005. As well as his commitment to the Medical Service in the Hospice, Dr Donaldson was a dedicated fundraiser attending many functions, and cheque presentations. He also looked after some Hospice Collection Boxes fondly known as “Dr D’s Boxes”.

Mrs Joy Donaldson has had an equally long association with the Hospice. She was a member of the Hospice Dinner Dance Committee for a numbers of years, and in 1989 joined the Fundraising Committee. She served for 4 years on the Hospice Board of Directors from 2002 until her retirement in 2006. Along with her husband, Dr Donaldson, Joy has represented the Southern Area Hospice on many occasions actively promoting its name in the wider Northern Ireland context. Joy continually supported Dr Donaldson in his long service to the Hospice.