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A day in the life of a Student Nurse (Shauna)

Shauna, a final year student nurse from Queens University shares her experience of her placement in the Inpatient Unit at Southern Area Hospice Services.

Shauna who is from Kilcoo, has completed her placement at Southern Area Hospice Services.  She felt it was very important for her to learn about what “end of life” care is and to learn how to deal with not only the patient but the family as well. 

Shauna is very passionate about nursing and wanted a career where she could help others and also would keep her busy.  She said, “My placement has been a great experience, it really opened my eyes about what hospice care is.  I was lovely to experience the calm relaxed atmosphere compared to working in a hospital.”

Shauna shares “The staff here get to spend a lot more time with patients, you get to know their habits and what they like, for example one patient preferred a cup of milky tea after lunch.  All of this adds to the high level of personal care that the hospice is well known for.  This level of care filters through all departments, from the maintenance team, nursing auxiliaries, housekeepers to the staff on reception.  I also know a lot of the staff even fundraised for the hospice during the lockdown.”

Shauna explains that “working the hospice and experiencing death really brings it home, in that it could be anyone.  People think that hospice is just for older people, during my 5 weeks here we have cared for young families, as well as older patients.”

“I loved being part of this team, as the team here is smaller, you get to know everyone very quickly.”

Roberta Wilson, acting registered manager said “Shauna was a pleasure to have on placement, her passion for caring for others really shone through.  We all wish her well as Shauna hopes to qualify in 2021.”

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