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Hospice Stories

The specialist care we provide to patients and their families during difficult times leaves a lasting impression.  Here is some letters we have received this year from patients telling us about how they are currently doing or from families expressing their thoughts on the time they or their loved one spent in the Hospice. 

  • Dear Friends, words will never express the depth of gratitude we feel. What you have done for David, medically, physically and spiritually can never be quantified.  With your dedicated medical skills, your thoughtfulness and kindness, you brought David from a seemingly hopeless situation to a quality of life we never thought possible again.  For what you have achieved I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You were there for me also, you picked up the pieces when I fell apart, you put me together again so many times, you provided the hand, the shoulder, the kind words, the ever- patient listening ear when I needed to talk, when I needed to cry.  You taught me how to be strong for David.  You gave me strength to carry on through the darkest times.  I know you will always be there for us should we need you again. You are all a special team, dedicated to your patients’ welfare, medically and spiritually.  You are a shining example of everything that is good in the caring profession.  It was a privilege to meet you all.

    Elizabeth (Wife & Carer)
  • I have to admit, when my family mentioned the H word, I was not impressed at all and thought this is it. I could not have been more wrong, my experience at Hospice was incredible, suddenly I went from having pain, discomfort and dull horrible days, to being able to eat again and enjoy conversation…something I had missed. The staff was like a group of friends, they made me feel so at ease and I enjoyed the craic especially with one of the doctors who shared my love of rugby. The care I received not only helped me to return home again, but put my family at ease and they knew that it was the best place for me in order to get some respite. All it took was one phone call from my GP to the Hospice and it turned everything around for me, my pain was managed, my medication was amended and I returned home again just in time to be spoiled on Father’s Day. I cannot thank the staff enough for their support and I have recently started attending the Day Hospice in Newry which allows the staff to keep an eye on my bloods and medication. The Hospice has been my saving grace and I am forever grateful.

    William (Patient)
  • From Ann’s first stay with you (the first of many) she immediately felt relaxed, and loved her room, in particular she fell in love with the gardens. She spent many happy hours there with her family and friends and found it a place of great joy, peace and tranquillity. Thank you to all the Doctors, Nurses and Auxiliary staff who made sure Ann was comfortable and given immediate pain relief when required. Thanks also to the catering, housekeeping staff and all volunteers. Ann loved Day-care and looked forward to getting her hair done, aromatherapy and relaxation, chatting and sharing her experiences with the many friends she made. Thank-you to the Chaplaincy and Social Work Staff, Ann and our family found great comfort, support and reassurance in your words, advice and prayers. Thank you all for the care and dignity shown to Ann and our family and for making her passing so much more bearable. You will always be in our thoughts.

    The Brown Family
  • I just wanted to express my thanks to you all for your care whilst my father was with you. “Dignity in Caring” is your motto and you certainly lived up to your promise. A number of things stand out for me. The medical attention my father got enabled him to be in as much comfort as possible, everyone was so sensitive, caring and cheerful in difficult circumstances, it was inspiring.  Everybody made an effort to get to know us and make us welcome any time of the day or night. The chaplains were delightful and the doctors incredibly human and sensitive. The nursing staff are absolute stars and I cannot praise them highly enough. The team who fed my father, cleaned his room and all who helped to make his last few days bearable…We feel privileged to have met such a charming and professional group of people.

    Jane (Daughter)

It is thanks to the support and generosity from the local community, that Southern Area Hospice Services has been able to provide this level of expert clinical care to patients and their families. In the words of one relative “words alone could never express our gratitude for your help and kindness”.