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How our lottery works

The Hospice Lottery provides a regular form of income for Hospice services and also gives something back to our loyal supporters. By playing our Lottery, you are helping us to achieve our Fundraising target of £3.6 million this year which will help us to continue providing care for local patients and their families.

  • The draw takes place every Friday (except for Bank Holidays when it will take place on the next working day).
  • Join online, by calling 028 302 67711 and pay by cash, cheque, standing order or card payment.
  • Once you join, you will be assigned a unique 5 digit lottery number which we will send you in the post.
  • Your unique number is then entered into each draw that you have pre-paid for.
  • Winners are chosen by computer at random.
  • If you are a winner, we will automatically post the prize directly to you. We often ask winners to take part in publicity for Southern Area Hospice but this is optional.
  • Weekly draw results are posted on our website and social media every Friday (except for Bank Holidays), your first initial, surname, town and lottery number will be shared publically. If you play via your workplace then your workplace may be named instead of your location. 
  • If you no longer wish to play our lottery and have less than £1 balance on your account to enter into a draw it will be assumed the remaining balance is a donation to Hospice unless otherwise notified.

Why should I sign up?

  • It’s a fun and easy way to raise money for your local hospice, helping us achieve our fundraising target of £3.6 million this year.
  • Our Lottery provides a regular form of income that we can rely on for Hospice services.
  • Gives you a chance of winning up to £5,000 every Friday.
  • Only costs £1 per week or £4.34 per month.

Who can join?

Anyone over 16 years of age can play SAHS Lottery.  To join you must complete an application form, either online here or simply by clicking the link below to download an application form. Print and complete the form, with your Bank details, card details or enclose a cheque made payable to Southern Area Hospice Services and return it to:

Southern Area Hospice Services
BT34 2BR



How Else Can I Support the Hospice Lottery?

  • Encourage your family and friends to sign up.
  • Give a gift with a difference, give your friend or loved one a Lottery Membership Gift Certificate available to purchase online here or call our Lottery Office on 028 3026 7711
  • Our Hospice Lottery Wedding Favours are very popular with brides and grooms to give their guests the chance of winning while supporting their local Hospice on their special day.
  • Why not join local businesses including Norbrook, Kukoon Rugs, Gourmet Island and many more by introducing our Hospice Lottery to your workplace? For more information email fundraising@southernareahospiceservices.org

*T&Cs apply. For more detailed information please contact our Lottery Office. 

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