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At Hospice we believe that everyone deserves to ‘live every moment’ and get the most from their lives.  We provide specialist palliative care for people across the Southern Health Trust region suffering from Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, HIV and AIDS at all stages of their illness. We also recognise that this may be a difficult time for families, carers and friends and provide ongoing support for them when they need us most.

Care is provided through a range of services by our multi-disciplinary team consisting of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chaplains, social workers, complementary therapists, pharmacy, dieticians and occupational support.  The team work closely together through careful assessment and care delivery to help patients, their families and friends to get through the most difficult times.

  • Inpatient Care
    Inpatient Care
    When you need us, we will be there for you and your family. About the Inpatient Unit Our...

  • Outpatient Care
    Outpatient Care
    Our out-patient clinics are there to support you and your family and give specialist advice and...

  • Day Hospice
    Day Hospice
    The Day Hospice offers a relaxing atmosphere and somewhere you can go to enjoy a range of...

  • Community Liaison Sister
    Community Liaison Sister
    We will liaise with you, your family, carers and healthcare professionals including Hospital...

  • Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team
    Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team
    Our specialist team are there to support you and offer advice when you need them. The Hospital...

  • Info For Patients and Families
    Info For Patients and Families
    When you are diagnosed with a life limiting illness, it can be a rollercoaster of emotions for you,...

  • Info For Healthcare Professionals
    Info For Healthcare Professionals
    Referring a patient Patients are usually referred to Hospice when the complexity of the illness...

  • Bereavement Services
    Bereavement Services
    Bereavement is quite unlike any other experience you will have had.  Most of us at this time...

  • Social Work
    Social Work
    The main responsibility of our Social Work Team is to recognise and respond to the...

  • Chaplaincy
    The Chaplains are part of the multidisciplinary team at Hospice who will care for your spiritual...

  • The Donaldson Counselling and Therapy Centre
    The Donaldson Counselling and Therapy Centre
    The aim of the Donaldson Counselling and Therapy Centre is to provide counselling and support for...

  • Patient Helpline
    Patient Helpline
    We understand the impact that an illness can have on a patient and how quickly symptoms can change....