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What our winners say


A. Hasley, Banbridge, won £100 on 20th May 2022

"I am delighted to be able to contribute to such a fantastic service we have here in Newry and to win £100 is an added bonus. Again thank you for making this wet dull day a bit brighter."

P.Allen, Craigavon, won £200 on 1st April 2022 - this was P. Allens first ever entry! 

"I was on the Hospice website to register to volunteer for the Big Bucket challenge when I seen the lottery and I just thought why would I not join? It's only £1 a week, that's less than a cup of coffee. I have always supported the Hospice, I take part in Trek for Niall and volunteer when I can so this is amazing I have won on my first entry."

R.Knox, Warrenpoint, won £300 on 11th January 2022. 

"That's my third win, if only I was as lucky in the national lottery! I can't tell you why I play the Hospice lottery, I just do it. You never know when someone you know might need the hospice so its good to always support it"

H.Pierson, Gilford, won £100 on 28th January 2022. 

"I enter everything and win nothing but now I have won the hospice lottery twice so I can't say that anymore! I only joined less than 12 months ago because I wanted to support the Hospice so to have won £400 in such a short space of time I can't believe it! I am sure a lot of my family and friends will join now!"

Mrs. C.McParland, Newry, won £300 on 21st January 2022. 

"I joined the Hospice lottery because a friend of mine told me about it, it was so easy to sign up, I done it in only a few minutes online. I am only too happy to help a fantastic local charity and to win is even better!"

Mrs. N. Hyland, Newry, won £200 on 21st January 2022. 

"Wow Happy Friday! I am delighted to win, I have never won anything before! I signed up to the Hospice lottery because I seen it on Facebook and seen other people winning and it is such a fantastic charity to support so I signed up to help the Hospice but I never expected to actually win myself".

Zoe Coulter, Newry, won £1,400 Rollover Prize on 14th January 2022. 

"It is fantastic that Norbrook offer staff the opportunity to enter the Hospice lottery via our wages, I’ve never noticed the small donation coming from my wages each month, but it all adds up for the Hospice. I have heard of so many of my colleagues winning but I never expected to win myself, I just wanted to help a local charity so when I got the call while I am off on maternity leave to say I had won the rollover prize I couldn’t believe it!"

Mrs. F. Egan, Belfast, won our Jackpot Prize of £5,000 on 26th November 2021. 

"I play the Hospice lottery to support their invaluable services. This is my fourth win so I would encourage everyone to join, it only costs £1 per week, that’s less than a cup of tea in restaurant but for such a small donation from each individual it adds up to a lot of much needed money for Southern Area Hospice!"

Mr. J. Fearon, Rostrevor, won £200 on 29th October 2021. 

"I can't believe I have won again! Myself and my wife have won before. I can't support the Hospice enough and the good work that you all do. My reminder letter to tell me to renew my membership only came in the door last week, I am so happy I renewed then and there because now I have won £200 this week!"

Mrs. B. Donnelly, Cookstown, won £300 on 1st October 2021. 

"I can't believe I have won again! That is twice in 2 months, thank you so much!"

Mrs. T. Gillen, Armagh, won £300 on 10th September 2021. 

"I have supported the Hospice regularly since I lost a family member 7 years ago, I want to support the great work that the doctors and nurses do. I saw the Hospice lottery on Facebook and joined online in only a few minutes, it was very very easy to join on the website. I can't believe I have won already. you have made my day!"

Mrs. B. Donnelly, Cookstown, won £300 on 27th August 2021. 

"Oh my goodness, I am a bit lost for words, that is great news! I suppose I play the Hospice lottery because my mother always did so I joined too, it's for a great cause.'

Mrs. McArdle, Katesbridge, won £300 on 9th July and £300 on 20th August 2021. 

"That is fantastic news! I can't believe I have won twice in less than 2 months, I am never normally this lucky! I play the Hospice lottery as a way to regularly support their work, winning is just a bonus.'

Mr. R McGivern, Newry, won £200 on 9th July 2021. 

"That is lovely news! I have been in the Hospice Lottery for years, it is my way of regularly supporting the work done by the Hospice. I always support the best I can, keep up the good work!"

rs. B Mulligan, Newry, has played Southern Area Hospice Lottery since it first launched in 1999 and won £200 on 18th June 2021. 

"What a fantastic phone call to get, I am delighted! I have played the Hospice Lottery since it first started in 1999 and will always continue to support such a great cause. I also collect my loose change in a home collection box for the Hospice, it all adds up."

Mr. John Callaghan, Kilkeel, has played Southern Area Hospice Lottery since it first launched in 1999 and has won 6 times, here is what he said about why he plays. 

"I have played the Hospice lotto since 1999 because it is a great way to support such a great cause, it's not about winning but it certainly does help!"

Mrs. Ann Shields, Mountnorris won £300 on 28th May 2021

"I started supporting the Hospice when I got married 10 years ago when we made a donation to the hospice in lieu of wedding favours. I am delighted to have won £300, it will be easily spent on my 4 kids!"

Ms. Bernie Byrne, Hospice Employee won £100 on 7th May 2021

"From working in Fundraising I get to see the amazing work carried out by my colleagues and I get to meet so many people who have benefited from Southern Area Hospice. I donate just £4.34 a month to play the Hospice lottery, such a small monthly donation goes a long way in helping the Southern Area Hospice continue its work, plus you can win just like me!"

Mr. Evan O’Hare, Warrenpoint won £300 on 9th April 2021

"My dad died in hospice 3 years ago so I play the Hospice lottery in memory of my dad and to support the work done by the hospice."

Ms. L Cummings, Newry won £300 on 12th March 2021

"I have been donating to Southern Area Hospice for many years now, a cause that is very close to my heart, my granny received exceptional care in her final days. I really don’t miss the small amount I pay per month but the difference the Hospice makes for those that are terminally ill and their families is invaluable."

Mr. Fearon, Poyntzpass won £300 on 26th February 2021

"Sadly, 26 years ago I lost my only brother, Dr Joe Fearon at age 35 to liver Cancer. I am well aware of the terrible disease and I have nothing but admiration for the work the Hospice does to help their patients. I donate £1 a week to the Hospice lottery as my way of helping them to help others."

Perpetua Burns, Clough won £300 on 19th February 2021

"I am delighted to win £300, every little helps!"

Mr. P McCreesh, Armagh won £100 on 19th February 2021

"You have made my day!"

Mrs. Patricia Caulfield, Rostrevor won £100 on 12th February 2021

"I joined the lottery in 2018 because I wanted to help the hospice, not to win but now I have won £100 and it is the first prize I have ever won in my life I am delighted! it is fantastic be able to win and support such a good cause."

Mr Peter Finnegan, Banbridge won £200 on 5th February 2021

"What great news to get on a Friday! I have supported the Hospice lottery since 2017 and you should join too!"

Emilia Woskowiak, Norbrook Employee Newry won £300 on 21st January 2021

"I can't believe I have actually won £300, I have never even won a bottle of wine before! Everyone should join the Hospice lottery not only to help such a good charity but you can win just like me!"


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