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What our winners say

Mrs. T. Gillen, Armagh, won £300 on 10th September 2021. 

"I have supported the Hospice regularly since I lost a family member 7 years ago, I want to support the great work that the doctors and nurses do. I saw the Hospice lottery on Facebook and joined online in only a few minutes, it was very very easy to join on the website. I can't believe I have won already. you have made my day!"

Mrs. B. Donnelly, Cookstown, won £300 on 27th August 2021. 

"Oh my goodness, I am a bit lost for words, that is great news! I suppose I play the Hospice lottery because my mother always did so I joined too, it's for a great cause.'

Mrs. McArdle, Katesbridge, won £300 on 9th July and £300 on 20th August 2021. 

"That is fantastic news! I can't believe I have won twice in less than 2 months, I am never normally this lucky! I play the Hospice lottery as a way to regularly support their work, winning is just a bonus.'

Mr. R McGivern, Newry, won £200 on 9th July 2021. 

"That is lovely news! I have been in the Hospice Lottery for years, it is my way of regularly supporting the work done by the Hospice. I always support the best I can, keep up the good work!"

rs. B Mulligan, Newry, has played Southern Area Hospice Lottery since it first launched in 1999 and won £200 on 18th June 2021. 

"What a fantastic phone call to get, I am delighted! I have played the Hospice Lottery since it first started in 1999 and will always continue to support such a great cause. I also collect my loose change in a home collection box for the Hospice, it all adds up."

Mr. John Callaghan, Kilkeel, has played Southern Area Hospice Lottery since it first launched in 1999 and has won 6 times, here is what he said about why he plays. 

"I have played the Hospice lotto since 1999 because it is a great way to support such a great cause, it's not about winning but it certainly does help!"

Mrs. Ann Shields, Mountnorris won £300 on 28th May 2021

"I started supporting the Hospice when I got married 10 years ago when we made a donation to the hospice in lieu of wedding favours. I am delighted to have won £300, it will be easily spent on my 4 kids!"

Ms. Bernie Byrne, Hospice Employee won £100 on 7th May 2021

"From working in Fundraising I get to see the amazing work carried out by my colleagues and I get to meet so many people who have benefited from Southern Area Hospice. I donate just £4.34 a month to play the Hospice lottery, such a small monthly donation goes a long way in helping the Southern Area Hospice continue its work, plus you can win just like me!"

Mr. Evan O’Hare, Warrenpoint won £300 on 9th April 2021

"My dad died in hospice 3 years ago so I play the Hospice lottery in memory of my dad and to support the work done by the hospice."

Ms. L Cummings, Newry won £300 on 12th March 2021

"I have been donating to Southern Area Hospice for many years now, a cause that is very close to my heart, my granny received exceptional care in her final days. I really don’t miss the small amount I pay per month but the difference the Hospice makes for those that are terminally ill and their families is invaluable."

Mr. Fearon, Poyntzpass won £300 on 26th February 2021

"Sadly, 26 years ago I lost my only brother, Dr Joe Fearon at age 35 to liver Cancer. I am well aware of the terrible disease and I have nothing but admiration for the work the Hospice does to help their patients. I donate £1 a week to the Hospice lottery as my way of helping them to help others."

Perpetua Burns, Clough won £300 on 19th February 2021

"I am delighted to win £300, every little helps!"

Mr. P McCreesh, Armagh won £100 on 19th February 2021

"You have made my day!"

Mrs. Patricia Caulfield, Rostrevor won £100 on 12th February 2021

"I joined the lottery in 2018 because I wanted to help the hospice, not to win but now I have won £100 and it is the first prize I have ever won in my life I am delighted! it is fantastic be able to win and support such a good cause."

Mr Peter Finnegan, Banbridge won £200 on 5th February 2021

"What great news to get on a Friday! I have supported the Hospice lottery since 2017 and you should join too!"

Emilia Woskowiak, Norbrook Employee Newry won £300 on 21st January 2021

"I can't believe I have actually won £300, I have never even won a bottle of wine before! Everyone should join the Hospice lottery not only to help such a good charity but you can win just like me!"


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